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Is Your Career Depends On Your Study ? Why Should Study For A Shinning Future?

Many of the computer science thinks programming is difficult, but the average of a career in other tracks. Some people in other departments, programming and software engineers as the career average. Some teachers take a lot of studies because they teach a lot of theories. Other people may not be able to keep up with […]

Mobile Application Architecture . Do You Know These Things?

Whatever apps we see, whether Android apps or iOS apps, these are the main categories of two categories. A: View-heavy or data-driven apps such as Social app like Facebook, Twitter etc, Messenger, News app, Note etc. Most of these apps have text, images, etc. Two: Graphics-heavy app Games, Creative Art, Photo Editing To create data […]

Career Guide : IOS Application Development For Better A Carrier .

The most beautiful development environment I’ve seen is iOS App Development. To create an iOS app on Xcode, everything is sorted out. Anyone can try to create an app for the iPhone or the iPad if you try a little bit. Download the Xcode Frei and make it a development environment. Exxes can be installed […]

JavaFX : Java Graphical Interface Button , Text , Field & Level .

How to work with buttons, text fields and labels in JavaFX. Java Graphical User Interface – How to Create a JavaFX Project in JavaFX Writing is a detailed discussion. We’ll make a small tax calculator. Which will take a valid input from the text field, then click on the button to calculate the tax and […]

JavaFX : Java Graphical Interface . Read it For Knowledge .

We become annoyed to create a console app. Think of how to create a nice software. Beautiful software has beautiful graphical user interface. There is also a built-in class for creating a graphical user interface in Java. Such as Swing, Awt and JavaFX JavaFX is the latest GUI library. There are all the great api […]

Realm Mobile Database For Android Application Database . A Better Choice For Developers .

There is a default SQLite database on Android. We can easily use the SQLite database in our app. But the FastMaster database from SQLite is being Realm. Realm how to use the app, so let’s see. Full documentation of the use of Realm in Android can be found here. To use the Rails Android studio, […]

Why Programming Language Learning is Important For Us? Did You Think About It?

Well, what if the computer was not? If not the internet? If not there was a Facebook? And if Google were not there then what would have happened? How did we find our assignments? Games, computer software, mobile applications, web pages, whatever happens all over the programming. It is computer or computer related. Looking at […]

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