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Must Read: MMM has finished me ooo!!!!

Must Read: MMM has finished me ooo!!!!

I borrowed 200,000 to do this MMM that has been trending, just to get a little thing and send the money back to the owner.

However,my trouble began when after providing help, I requested to get help of 290,000 and all MMM could do was to merge me with my landlord whom I’ve been owing rent of 250,000.

Now see what my landlord did: he called me on phone to say, “Tosin, it seems MMM matched me with you to pay you 290,000”
Me: Hhhmm! Yes sir!
Landlord: I hope you still remember my rent of 10 months you’re owing me?
Me: I will pay sir.
Landlord: I will just upload your house rent receipt and you will confirm me, then later come and collect your remaining balance in my house.

What will you do if you were in my shoes?
Having headache.. because of mmm



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Updated: December 17, 2016 — 5:03 am

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